Full Moon Artist Ryan Brookhart Wraps Directorial Debut, “TRACE”

Trace Poster

For those in the know, artist Ryan Brookhart is Full Moon’s go-to guy when it comes to design. For decades, Brookhart has designed theatrical posters, video boxes, sell sheets and other material that FM and DELIRIUM use to promote our mind-bending product.

Now, Brookhart has emerged from the shadows to write and direct the new supernatural horror film http://healthsavy.com/product/diflucan/ TRACE, which just wrapped production. Check out the poster above…of course, designed entirely by Brookhart.

For more on the film read the FANGORIA article HERE.

And to read a brand new interview with Brookhart about his art and work in the weird world of Full Moon, be sure to grab a copy of DELIRIUM #3, available soon!