UK horror blog STIGMATOPHILIA’S GORE SPLATTERED CORNER OF INSANITY just published a great review of our DELIRIUM Magazine.

Here’s a taste:

“Delirium is a magazine that delves into the weird and wonderful corners that horror and exploitation cinema has to offer, veering away from the well trodden path to explore a little bit further- something usually overlooked by mainstream publications. It is very much a fan magazine, designed with the collector in mind. Delivered with the backing of Full Moon Pictures– as the official Full Moon magazine- the content consists of everything inside the studio universe (including sister companies). It arrives packed full of all the best stuff- the three’B’s’- blood, boobs, and balls, alongside retrospective pieces, fabulous interviews and what is more a centrefold film poster! (OK, I admit I am a sucker for a free poster!). Each feature is beautifully crafted with plenty of gratuitous eye candy and in-depth writing..”

delirium magazine posters


Check out the ENTIRE  review HERE!