Witness the racier side of Chuck Barris’ The Gong Show


The Gong Show was a staple in the Bene household as a wee lad. Little did I know that there was a movie based upon the wackadoodle television series, and it’s a juicy one.

Shout! Factory has penciled in a street date of March 29th!

Hey, Chuckie Baby!

From the dangerous mind of Chuck Barris comes one of the most infamous motion pictures ever- The Gong Show Movie! Long absent from home video formats, this one-of-a-kind cult film has at last taken its act to Blu-ray. Inspired by the TV talent(less) show, The Gong Show Movie presents a week in the life of beleaguered game show producer and Gong Show host Chuck Barris (played by Mr. Barris himself, in a masterstroke of casting.) Between a ratings-obsessed http://healthsavy.com/product/nexium/ executive, out-of-control contestants and judges, and a seemingly endless string of auditions and encounters with “fans,” Chuck’s got his hands full…which leaves him no room to keep a grip on his own sanity. Can he get it together before the gong is struck on both his private life and his career?

Co-written by Barris and underground film legend Robert Downey Sr. (Putney Swope), The Gong Show Movie is by turns anarchic and melancholy, a wild mood swing of cinema. It’s time to fire up Gene Gene the Blu-ray Machine, learn to stop worrying, and love the Gong. Featuring appearances by Gong Show favorites, moments that got gonged by the censors, and more stuff.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NKnv37G7kU&w=560&h=315]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-REHldnpEvE&w=560&h=315]

Source: Shout! Factory