Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case sequels receive the Blu-ray treatment


Double your freaky fun with Frank Henenlotter’s BASKET CASE 2 and BASKET
CASE 3: THE PROGENY on Blu-ray this August from Synapse Films!

1982’s BASKET CASE introduced horror fans to Duane Bradley and his twin
brother Belial, and a new horror classic was born. They also introduced
the world to Frank Henenlotter, the uniquely crazed talent who would
later give us BRAIN DAMAGE and FRANKENHOOKER. In 1990 and ‘91,
Henenlotter and star Kevin Van Hentenryck returned for two even more
demented sequels, both coming to Blu-ray from Synapse Films this August,
each at the low price of $19.95!

“BASKET CASE 2 is a hilarious genre spoof… paying homage to Tod
Browning’s 1932 classic, FREAKS.” – Variety

Duane Bradley and his surgically-separated twin brother Belial return in
this frightfully gory follow-up to Frank Henenlotter’s original monster
movie classic, BASKET CASE. After surviving a fall from a hospital
window, the two brothers become media targets. Duane’s aunt, Granny Ruth
(played by world-famous Jazz singer Annie Ross), whisks the duo away to
a secluded mansion, where other freaks-in-hiding live out their days
away from public scrutiny. When a snooping tabloid reporter finds the
location of the mutants, Duane and his new family must stand together to
keep their freedom a secret. And, in all the chaos, Belial might
actually find true love!

Synapse Films is proud to present BASKET CASE 2 in a beautiful
high-definition transfer from the original 35mm camera negative

• THE MAN IN THE MOON MASK – Interview with “Half Moon” actor, David
• BEYOND THE WICKER – Behind-the-Scenes Featurette from Special Effects
Makeup Artist, Gabe Bartalos
• Reversible Cover art with newly commissioned front piece by Joel



He’s back. He’s bad. And, he’s a dad! Belial, everyone’s favorite
beast-in-a-basket, is back in this sensational third film in the wildly
macabre BASKET CASE horror series.

After being separated again from his conjoined twin brother Duane (Kevin
Van Hentenryck), Belial finds out he’s going to be a deformed daddy!
Mrs. Belial (“Eve”, played by Denise Coop) delivers a litter of bouncing
baby monsters, but the blessed event turns into a nightmarish ordeal
when the police kidnap the little critters. They should know it’s not
safe to anger Belial! Attacking the cops in a climactic, gory rampage,
everyone’s favorite mutant mauler stops at nothing to get his newborns

Synapse Films is proud to present BASKET CASE 3: THE PROGENY in a
beautiful high-definition transfer from original 35mm vault materials.