Do you have the munchies for EVIL BONG 666?

Before it comes out on Blu-ray and DVD (release date TBA), Full Moon’s Amazon channel will premiere EVIL BONG 666 ON 4/20!

The bong is BACK. Back from Hell, that is! Everyone’s favorite iconic and evil bong, Eebee, returns in the new, hellaciously dark comedy from Full Moon Features, and she’s bringing sexy demons, stoner creatures, and something too frightening to speak of until you see the movie.

When a brutal blood sacrifice opens up a portal to Hell, Eebee and the Ginger Dead Man are returned to Earth. The already evil Ginger Dead Man has been driven even more insane by his recent trip to Hell, and unless someone can stop his murderous cookie-cutting rampage, he will ruin Eebee’s latest plans for world domination.