Album Review: REIGN OF VENGEANCE – The Final Aeon For All Humans

Metal band’s recent release is a concept album from hell

Arizona-based metal band REIGN OF VENGEANCE has been pumping out ear-bleeding heaviness for well over a decade and their most recent EP “The Final Aeon For All Humans” just might be their most blistering release to date, the apex of what they can do sonically and thematically. Definitely fueled by both heavy metal history as well as heavy classic rock and darker classical music tempered with what feels like a very cinematic atmosphere and armed with soul-shredding vocal attacks (from frontman Marshall Beck), the disc kicks into gear with the politically-oriented track “Fuck the Recession: Kill Those Who Caused It”, a dark, massive song that also comes equipped with a rich, operatic quality. That eloquent bit of metal is chased with the opulent “Amassing Towards the Truth”, which is just as anthemic as the opener and “The Grande Hectacomb” is another brutal, atmospheric and again, cinematic track and it may be the best song on an album full of great, challenging material.

Mixing elements of progressive rock and experimental sounds with death metal and punk, the album closes with “The Final Aeon: The Manifestation of the Black Sun”, which incorporates elements of all the tracks and actually bleeds out with a vocal only chorus, adding a dash of humanity to the disc. You hate to call a disc as merciless as “The Final Aeon for All Humans” ‘beautiful’, but it most assuredly is. It’s a titanic collection of tracks that blend together perfectly and together makes for a cohesive, fist-pumping, head-banging basher of a release fueled by a nihilistic social message. Quietly released earlier this year, this disc has us wanting more…

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