CONTEST! Win a Copy of the NECROPOLIS: LEGION Comic Book!

Gothic and gory horror comic is a prequel to the upcoming Full Moon feature film

The second DEADLY TEN feature film, Chris Alexander’s NECROPOLIS: LEGION, is set to premiere on Full Moon’s AMAZON PRIME channel on 12/2, with an early sneak peek premiere of the picture appearing on the Full Moon Features channel and app (subscribe today on most digital platforms or via THIS (Black) FRIDAY on 11/29!

DELIRIUM wants to give YOU a copy of the acclaimed new DEADLY TEN presents NECROPOLIS: LEGION comic book from Full Moom Comix, a prequel to the film co-penned by screenwriter Brockton McKinney!

To win, email with the words SHE’S COMING BACK! in the subject line.

Winners will be chosen at random.

NECROPOLIS: LEGION synopsis: After her enraged husband (Joseph Lopez) executes her, the vampire witch Eva (Ali Chappell) is banished to the netherworld. A century later, occult writer Lisa (Augie Duke) moves into the house where Eva once walked and is immediately plagued by perverse visions, as Eva’s vengeful spirit violently takes over the girl’s mind, body and soul. NECROPOLIS: LEGION is a surreal, stylish shocker that legendary Italian director Lamberto Bava (DEMONS, A BLADE IN THE DARK) says “feels new, but still reminiscent of classic Italian horror.”

Advance Praise for NECROPOLIS: LEGION

Brain Mutant says:

“Colorful, bloody, theatrical and beautifully grandiose in its old-school Gothic flavoring… Duke brings a physicality to her role that it really needed in order for it to work, while Chappell is a commanding enough presence to make the role of Eva memorable and intimidating.”

Tuesday Night Cigar Club says:

“NECROPOLIS: LEGION has a sensually arresting atmosphere that kept my eyes glued.”

Horror Society says:

“NECROPOLIS: LEGION is an absolutely gorgeous film that relies on story and content rather than gore and violence.” 

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