DELIRIUM celebrates 40 years of HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP with an exclusive Roger Corman interview!

The iconic 94 year old producer, director and B-movie mogul sits down with us to discuss the making of the classic 1980 exploitation film plus reveals what he’s been up to during the pandemic and what pictures he’s currently prepping. We also take a look at some of Corman’s greatest creature features unleashed over his nearly 60 years making movies. On top of all this killer Corman content, we talk to director John Harrison about his chilling anthology horror film TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE, hang out with the cast of the crazy 3D chiller SILENT MADNESS, go deep into the creation of Full Moon’s recent monster mash WEEDJIES!, preview the new Lovecraft romp MISKATONIC U: THE RESONATOR, examine the lush art of British comic book illustrator and painter Nick Percival and so much more!