NOW ON SALE! DELIRIUM #34 digs deep into DEMONS 2!

DELIRIUM #34 is here and ready to rip you to shreds! This round, we celebrate director Lamberto Bava and producer Dario Argento’s gonzo 1986 gorefest DEMONS 2, the riotous follow-up to the duo’s landmark Italian horror masterpiece DEMONS! Inside, you’ll find EXCLUSIVE new interviews with Bava, star Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni and composer Simon Boswell as well as tons of freaky photos, a few of which you may have NEVER seen before. Chasing our coverage of this creepy Eurohorror sequel, we have new chats with Florida-based auteur William Grefe about his eerie William Shatner shocker IMPULSE, words with actor John Amplas about the George Romero vampire classic MARTIN, one-on-one with Canadian filmmaker Karen Lam plus all manner of sexy, sanguinary awesomeness!

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