Stop motion FX wizard David Allen’s long-planned passion project THE PRIMEVALS was shelved in the 1990’s after Allen passed away from cancer. Finally completed in 2023 by Full Moon and former Allen associate Chris Endicott, THE PRIMEVALS is finally unleashed and it’s the ultimate retro-fantasy adventure, employing a wild array of arresting, 100% hand-rendered, stop-motion special effects and a rich orchestral score from composer Richard Band. In this 37th issue, DELIRIUM shines a light on the making of THE PRIMEVALS with exclusive new interviews with Endicott and Band, plus a startling array of rare photos. Plus, we talk to Joe Dante about the making of his 1978 killer fish Corman classic PIRANHA, actor Alex Winter dishes on working with Michael Winner and Charlie Bronson on DEATH WISH 3, sex and vampires meet in the adult arena as we profile the Hungarian erotica line GetVampired, Lucio Fulci’s favorite kid Silvia Collatina talks about her days in Italian horror and MUCH more. Get your copy of DELIRIUM #37 today!