Horror opus BLOODY BLACKSMITH wraps in British Columbia!


A group of history students are promised a reward if they can find the ancient tools of legendary blacksmith, ONE-EYED EARL YARDLEY, who murdered the townspeople of a remote rustic village in the 1800s. Legend says his ghost still stalks these haunted grounds.

“BLOODY BLACKSMITH is the third of six GRIMM’S URBAN LEGENDS horror features i’m directing this summer on the spectacular locations of Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. I’m thrilled that genre superstar Nick Mancuso of BLACK CHRISTMAS has agreed to play the local historian who warns the students of the bloody blacksmith legend. This has been the most http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/anti-anxiety/ treachorous shoot I’ve ever experienced. Scaling mountains, filming in huge, deep caves, quarries and tops of waterfalls was quite a challenge. We also completely re-dressed an entire heritage mountain town to look creepily old and abandoned. This could be one of the most atmospheric and moody horror franchises I’ve been involved in” says director/producer David DeCoteau.

The first two GRIMM’S URBAN LEGENDS, EVIL EXHUMED starring Eric Roberts and ASIAN GHOST STORY starring Cynthia Rothrock, come to VOD and DVD just in time for Halloween. BLOODY BLACKSMITH hits all platforms in November 2016. More info at rapidheart.com