FULL MOON drops 3 classic titles this July; offers fans a FREE genre gem!


Coming July 11th from Full Moon!

On July 11, join the Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama and hear from the Kings of Cult, Roger Corman and Charles Band! Then, on July 25, Full Moon will drop Hollywood Horror House, one of a 20 part series coming to FullMoonDirect.com!

What’s more, Full Moon is offering a truly unique gift to all fans of the genre! Those who purchase any title from FullMoonDirect.com will get Kings of Cult 100% free!


Kings of Cult presents a unique, intimate discussion with veteran genre filmmakers Roger Corman and Charles Band as they take you through their long and storied careers working on such films as Eat My Dust, Puppetmaster, Sharktopus, Re-Animator, and many more. This truly unique look at exploitation cinema from the perspective two of its top contributors is a must-see for anyone looking to go a little deeper into the movies they love.

Monsters, Maidens and Mad Puppets. Roger Corman, the King of cult cinema. Charlie Band, the Prince of the B-movie.

Two mavericks of independent genre film-making sit down for an intimate discussion about their amazing and diverse bodies of work, their fans, the hundreds of legendary performers and artists whose talents they’ve nurtured and the future of the industry they’ve both dedicated their lives to. From SHARKTOPUS, to PUPPETMASTER, to RE-ANIMATOR to DEATH RACE 2000 to GINGERDEAD MAN to HOUSE OF USHER and beyond; this is the ultimate master-class in making strange cinema that matters! Starring Roger Corman & Charles Band…of course!


Linnea Quigley, Andras Jones, Robin Rochelle, Hal Havins and Brinke Stevens star in the much anticipated Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, out on Blu-Ray July 11. Restored from the original 35mm camera negative and with some exclusive extra features, including the oldest Behind-The-Scenes feature Full Moon has ever presented, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama is so funny it just might kill you!

In a bowling alley from hell…there’s only one way to score!

There are no freshmen in the college of love, and they’re about to graduate to madcap mayhem when a sorority prank goes crazy. Out to steal a trophy from a local bowling alley, the kids accidentally unleash the imp — a sadistic little spirit with a diabolical sense of humor. He creates http://www.buyambienmed.com/ambien-comparison/ demons and loves sexy women. He’s the original party animal, inviting you to come along and die laughing — just like everybody else.

The Sorority Babes won’t live through initiation, but don’t blame that cute little killer. He’s evil by nature and funny as hell. And even if you can take a joke, it kills you.


To wrap up this huge month, Full Moon will release Hollywood Horror House, one of a 20 part series coming to FullMoonDirect.com with an amazing intro by film historian David DelValle!

By 1970, the once golden age of Hollywood glamour and stardom was a tragic last hurrah represented by the decayed and deteriorated Hollywood Sign. In HOLLYWOOD HORROR HOUSE, we’ll go below the sign, to a decaying hilltop mansion of a once great star, played by a once great star, Miriam Hopkins. The fabled Ms. Hopkins, toast of the town back in the thirties with box office hits like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and Becky Sharpe, was an A-list actress and Oscar nominee.

Another Oscar winner (Best Supporting Actress 1936) Gale Sondergaard plays Miss Hopkins’ loyal friend and housekeeper, who tries to save her friend from the handsome stranger, played by son of acting legend John Garfield. He may be the culprit littering the land around the Hollywood sign with hacked up body parts.

This hellish time capsule showcasing late 60s/early 70s Hollywood, remains an early example of the slasher films which would follow in just a few years. See Miriam Hopkins trapped in a madhouse of hacked up blood-splattered bodies, tripped out drug sequences, murder by electric knives and a Hollywood Christmas Parade with a drunk out of control movie star as its Grand Marshall.

HOLLYWOOD HORROR HOUSE is the last death rattle of the Horror Hag craze that began with Better Davis feeding dead rats to Joan Crawford in Whatever Happened To Baby Jane. Just as Bette sang “I’ve written a letter to daddy’ in that film, listen to Miriam sing the hell out of “Taking a chance on love.”

Witness that demented slice of cinema best described as a motel six version of PSYCHO…you have been warned!

“Here’s a deliriously entertaining mixture of SUNSET BOULEVARD and Herschell Gordon Lewis Movies, not to be missed.” — The Bloody Pit of Horror

Horror opus BLOODY BLACKSMITH wraps in British Columbia!


A group of history students are promised a reward if they can find the ancient tools of legendary blacksmith, ONE-EYED EARL YARDLEY, who murdered the townspeople of a remote rustic village in the 1800s. Legend says his ghost still stalks these haunted grounds.

“BLOODY BLACKSMITH is the third of six GRIMM’S URBAN LEGENDS horror features i’m directing this summer on the spectacular locations of Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. I’m thrilled that genre superstar Nick Mancuso of BLACK CHRISTMAS has agreed to play the local historian who warns the students of the bloody blacksmith legend. This has been the most http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/anti-anxiety/ treachorous shoot I’ve ever experienced. Scaling mountains, filming in huge, deep caves, quarries and tops of waterfalls was quite a challenge. We also completely re-dressed an entire heritage mountain town to look creepily old and abandoned. This could be one of the most atmospheric and moody horror franchises I’ve been involved in” says director/producer David DeCoteau.

The first two GRIMM’S URBAN LEGENDS, EVIL EXHUMED starring Eric Roberts and ASIAN GHOST STORY starring Cynthia Rothrock, come to VOD and DVD just in time for Halloween. BLOODY BLACKSMITH hits all platforms in November 2016. More info at rapidheart.com



Coming this Halloween to DVD & VOD!

The spirit of a dead chinese railway worker seeking revenge possesses the body of a lethal http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/levitra_generic.html assassin! Starring CYNTHIA ROTHROCK and MMA Sensation JOSH VAN MEURS!

MORE info at http://rapidheart.com/asian-ghost-story/

3rd Annual David DeCoteau’s DAY OF THE SCREAM QUEENS!


Here is some sweet news from our good pal David DeCoteau…

For the past 35 years I have had the pleasure to work with many of the most beautiful, talented and lovely actresses in Cult movies. These amazing women have become my friends and colleagues and DAY OF THE SCREAM QUEENS is a celebration of our many years working together. Del and Sue of the best Horror Boutique in the world, DARK DELICACIES graciously offered their incredible store again for this annual event. Every Queen attending this event has appeared in at least one of my movies and this will be the first time in history ALL of these actresses will appear together anywhere!

*while there is a charge for each autograph it includes a choice of photo.

*guest appearances subject to possible cancellation due to professional obligations or circumstances beyond our control.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BTVRhz2cZ4&w=560&h=315]

D-Day of the B-Movies #7 presented by Delirium!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuW2Hbd1v9E&w=560&h=315]

Photos from the DELIRIUM #7 signing at Dark Delicacies!


Celebrities, writers and genre connoisseurs hit the Burbank, California hot spot Dark Delicacies for the 7th issue of DELIRIUM magazine on May 23rd, 2015. While video is forthcoming, we wanted to give everyone a taste of the fun that was had as hardcore fans got to rub shoulders with a great lineup of guests!