Welcome to the New Flesh: www.DeliriumMagazine.com has been Reborn!

Dear Delirium Readers –

To time with the impending release of the upcoming DELIRIUM Magazine #18, artist and designer Chad Savage has totally re-vamped our web portal www.DeliriumMagazine.com! In the coming weeks, expect a new wave of fresh, original content, including film and music reviews, exclusive interviews, essays and news as well as sneak peek looks at pages from our acclaimed print magazine!

Here’s a page from our exclusive interview with Oscar nominated screenwriter (GLADIATOR, SWEENEY TODD, SKYFALL, ALIEN: COVENANT) and PENNY DREADFUL creator John Logan, discussing his adoration of both Shakespeare AND horror movies. It’s a wild read!

This feature and tons more await you in our David Cronenberg-heavy 18th issue (scroll down to see our incredible cover by photographer Ama Lea) and you can order that issue now by going HERE!

Keep visiting www.DeliriumMagazine.com and explore some of the great editorial we’ll be running. At DELIRIUM, we’re not just riffing on horror movies, but ALL cult, fantasy, exploitation and oddball cinema. We just throw all our messy shared psyches at the wall and whatever sticks ends up in our magazine, and now…here. You never know what you’re gonna get.

Thanks for reading and sticking with us. Things are about to get weird (er)!

– Chris Alexander, EIC and co-founder, DELIRIUM Magazine

Delirium Magazine Issue #18 (includes FREE Mystery Blu-ray)

Shipping October 25th, our 18th issue sees photographer Ama Lea locking down “The Lord of the New Flesh” himself, iconic director David Cronenberg for an EXCLUSIVE cover and inner-gallery photo shoot. Inside you’ll find tons of Cronenberg content, interviews with DC, Debbie Harry, Oscar-nominated screenwriter and Penny Dreadful creator John Logan, actress and performer Tristan Risk, THE RANGER’s Heather Buckley and Jenn Wexler plus the history of CHARLTON COMICS and so much more awesomeness!


For our SEXteenth issue, DELIRIUM dials back the carnal clock and celebrates retro erotica!

In a world where the illusions and fantasies of sex have been replaced with easily accessible pornography, we tip our hat to more sensual and stranger classic softcore cinema, with a look at Europe’s master of sex Jess Franco’s work, a dive into the retro-roughie world of Something Weird Video, boutique label Cult Epics, 90’s video store faves Surrender Cinema and much more.

We also have new, classy/trashy hot shots of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 star Caroline Williams and SLEEPAWAY CAMP actress Felissa Rose courtesy of our visionary photographer Ama Lea, new interviews with MICROWAVE MASSACRE producer Craig Muckler and classic 80s slasher flick ICED director Jeff Kwitny and filmmaker Adam Rifkin remembers his 1990 gem THE INVISIBLE MANIAC. Throw in the horror art of Matthew Thieren and a wild chat with RAWHEAD REX director George Pavlou and BLAMMO you have what might be the weirdest, wettest and wickedest DELIRIUM yet!

Pre-order yours NOW!

The next stop… the 13th issue of DELIRIUM magazine!


In a world gone mad, it seems we need the morality and humanity of my hero Rod Serling more than ever. With that in mind, I opted to allow Delirium Magazine’s 13th issue serve as a salute to the “Father of The Twilight Zone”, with an exclusive new interview with Rod’s amazing daughter,writer Anne Serling as well as a battery of brilliant features (including a fine salute to the late, trailblazing Ida Lupino from Richelle Charkot). And a lovely original cover by my man Brian Steward. And outside of our extensive Serling loveletter(s), there’s tons of other content too, like Jason Bene’s look at the new chiller The Black http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/cipro_generic.html Room, Lee Gambin’s continuing coverage of 1980’s Alligator and Derek Botelho’s incredible examination of Richard Rush’s Color of Night. Delirium Magazine is the “anything goes” cult film magazine I make with my partner Full Moon Features & Charles Band, which started as a document of the hundreds of weird movies he’s made over the past 40 years but has long since become its own thing, something edgy, unpredictable and always interesting. Hope you join us for this amazing new issue! It will be available to order in TWO WEEKS from www.DeliriumMagazine.com. – Chris Alexander, EIC, DELIRIUM

DELIRIUM magazine reunites FANGORIA creative team of Chris Alexander, Michael Gingold and Bill Mohalley!


For immediate release:

Full Moon and Empire Pictures legend Charles Band’s DELIRIUM Magazine, the celebrated (and decidedly R rated) horror and exploitation film culture periodical is on the cusp of releasing its 11th issue, an incredible salute to beloved actress Barbara Crampton (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, WE ARE STILL HERE). The magazine features an exclusive and original cover photo and 4 posters shot and designed by noted LA based photographer Ama Lea, featuring Crampton as a vampire goddess, styled after Delphine Seyrig’s Countess Bathory in Harry Kumel’s 1971 classic DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS.

As many fans know DELIRIUM is co-founded and edited by ex-FANGORIA editor and filmmaker Chris Alexander. But Alexander is not the only storied monster magazine alumnus involved in DELIRIUM’s production and artistic vision.

Recently it was announced that veteran designer W.R. “Bill” Mohalley along with long-time editor Michael Gingold were dismissed from FANGORIA, leading to many in the fan community – including filmmaker Guillermo del Toro – to publicly mourn the loss of their talents. Mohalley (whose career spans back to the early 70s, working on mags like VAMPIRELLA, CREEPY and FAMOUS MONSTERS) has in fact been involved with the design of DELIRIUM since day one and now has come on board as their full time art director.

Gingold has joined DELIRIUM as an associate editor and contributor.

“I’m very excited to be continuing to work http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/weight-loss/ with the same creative team that I’ve been with for these past 6 years,” says Alexander.

“DELIRIUM is a product we’re all very proud of. I admire Bill’s work and work ethic immensely and we have shorthand between us, a relationship that works. That’s evident in DELIRIUM’s pages. It’s also great to have Mike involved now as well. These two legends of fan mag history don’t do this stuff because they want to…they do it because they have to. It’s their life’s work. It’s my hope that Mike and Bill not only continue to help make DELIRIUM better and better in the issues to come, but also get out there and continue working in all manner of print media. They’re talented and professional, a rare combo in this over-saturated media age.”

Outside of Alexander, Mohalley and Gingold helping shape DELIRIUM, the magazine is also home to a wealth of talent, including associate editor and writer Jason Bene (FANGORIA, GOREZONE, Killer Film) artist Brian Steward (FANGORIA, SCREAM Magazine), author Lee Gambin (FANGORIA), Justin Beahm (FANGORIA, Famous Monsters), film historian David del Valle, Trevor Parker (FANGORIA, ShockTillYouDrop.com), adult film star Tanya Tate and of course, Band himself to name only a few.

To purchase DELIRIUM #11, buy back issues or get a subscription visit www.DeliriumMagazine.com

We are tickled pink by the cover art for DELIRIUM #11!

We are having a launch party for the 11th issue of DELIRIUM magazine on Saturday, June 11th from 2-4pm at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California! http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/cholesterol-lowering/ Guests to be announced soon! Gotta love RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND and YOU’RE NEXT star Barbara Crampton on the cover of the new ‘zine!


Go PSYCHO for DELIRIUM #10 with director Tom Holland!


Because you guys are so damn awesome, here’s the first look at DELIRIUM #10! You can buy the first nine of our pretty/sexy little mag HERE. So do it.

**We have set a tentative http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/erectile-dysfunction/ date of Saturday, March 19th, from 2-4pm at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California for our next signing.**

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D-Day of the B-Movies #7 presented by Delirium!

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