DELIRIUM magazine reunites FANGORIA creative team of Chris Alexander, Michael Gingold and Bill Mohalley!


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Full Moon and Empire Pictures legend Charles Band’s DELIRIUM Magazine, the celebrated (and decidedly R rated) horror and exploitation film culture periodical is on the cusp of releasing its 11th issue, an incredible salute to beloved actress Barbara Crampton (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, WE ARE STILL HERE). The magazine features an exclusive and original cover photo and 4 posters shot and designed by noted LA based photographer Ama Lea, featuring Crampton as a vampire goddess, styled after Delphine Seyrig’s Countess Bathory in Harry Kumel’s 1971 classic DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS.

As many fans know DELIRIUM is co-founded and edited by ex-FANGORIA editor and filmmaker Chris Alexander. But Alexander is not the only storied monster magazine alumnus involved in DELIRIUM’s production and artistic vision.

Recently it was announced that veteran designer W.R. “Bill” Mohalley along with long-time editor Michael Gingold were dismissed from FANGORIA, leading to many in the fan community – including filmmaker Guillermo del Toro – to publicly mourn the loss of their talents. Mohalley (whose career spans back to the early 70s, working on mags like VAMPIRELLA, CREEPY and FAMOUS MONSTERS) has in fact been involved with the design of DELIRIUM since day one and now has come on board as their full time art director.

Gingold has joined DELIRIUM as an associate editor and contributor.

“I’m very excited to be continuing to work with the same creative team that I’ve been with for these past 6 years,” says Alexander.

“DELIRIUM is a product we’re all very proud of. I admire Bill’s work and work ethic immensely and we have shorthand between us, a relationship that works. That’s evident in DELIRIUM’s pages. It’s also great to have Mike involved now as well. These two legends of fan mag history don’t do this stuff because they want to…they do it because they have to. It’s their life’s work. It’s my hope that Mike and Bill not only continue to help make DELIRIUM better and better in the issues to come, but also get out there and continue working in all manner of print media. They’re talented and professional, a rare combo in this over-saturated media age.”

Outside of Alexander, Mohalley and Gingold helping shape DELIRIUM, the magazine is also home to a wealth of talent, including associate editor and writer Jason Bene (FANGORIA, GOREZONE, Killer Film) artist Brian Steward (FANGORIA, SCREAM Magazine), author Lee Gambin (FANGORIA), Justin Beahm (FANGORIA, Famous Monsters), film historian David del Valle, Trevor Parker (FANGORIA,, adult film star Tanya Tate and of course, Band himself to name only a few.

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