Serial killer drama coming this November from IFC Midnight

Films charting small-town serial killers and their effect on the population are omnipresent in cinema, literature and television and yet Duncan Skiles’ directorial debut THE CLOVEHITCH KILLER is just a dash different. And it’s that kink in convention that makes it such a shocking and hypnotic piece of work.

The film stars Charlie Plummer (ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD) as Tyler, a teenager coming-of-age in a Christian bible-belt community recovering from the grip of a serial sex-killer. Tyler is just discovering girls and one night, when taking a young lady out on a date, she discovers a crumpled image of a woman bound and gagged stuffed down the passenger seat of his truck. Repulsed, she asks to be taken home, despite Tyler’s insistence that the picture is not his and he’s telling the truth. Because this truck actually belongs to his dad Don (Dylan McDermott, AMERICAN HORROR STORY), an upstanding member of the community and a loving family man.

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