By Smitty Allenby

The fact that the first SHARKNADO was even made is ridiculous. The fact that it was a hit is astonishing. And the fact that they made a sequel is completely outrageous. And yet, here it is…

SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE isn’t a horror movie but neither was the first one. Rather it is like an absurdist comedic/violent episode of THE LOVE BOAT;  a cheap, tacky cinematic rust-bucket full of declining celebrities and wanton absurdity. But with sharks. LOTS of sharks, once more raining from the heavens and chomping their way across America.

Ian Ziering reprises his role as a former surfer bum Finn (har har!),  whose heroic efforts in the first SHARKNADO have cemented his iconic status. While on a plane to NYC with his ex-wife (a returning Tara Reid), the sky darkens and suddenly sharks are fudging up the engines and blowing holes in the aircraft. While passengers fly out and sharks fly in, Finn commandeers the plane, lands it and immediately sets out to warn the world that another Sharknado is afoot. Many people die and many http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/allergy/ familiar faces – from Andy Dick to Matt Lauer to a mocked-up version of Toronto mayor Rob Ford – show up to shake their heads and scream bloody murder.

And that’s about it.

You don’t watch a SHARKNADO movie for great cinema or lyrical screenwriting or even decent special effects. You watch a SHARKNADO movie to laugh and have a good time and, if nothing else, SHARKNADO 2: THE NEXT ONE is a great damned time. There’s no crime at giggling at/with writer/director Anthony C. Ferrante’s cheerfully moronic magnum opus. The man knows exactly what he’s designing and for what audience. Digital eating machines flying through the air battling chainsaw-wielding ex-BEVERLY HILLS 90201 stars is an acquired taste, to be sure, and we’ve certainly got the fever for its flavor.

DVD/Blu-ray Special features include a deleted scene, outtakes, making of featurettes and assorted distracting supplemental materials. Oh and make sure you sit through the closing credits, which are the fastest moving things outside of syndication hell and feature Ziering oddly and casually eating pizza.

Weird stuff, amusing flick.

DELIRIUM Review: 7/10