Dan Curtis’ classic TV horror movie gets the 4K treatment from Kino Lorber

The Seventies was a great decade for horror films. The genre was rocked with such hits as THE EXORCIST and THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, but some of the best horror could be found right at home on the television set. Producer Dan Curtis brought horror to daytime television with his hit show, DARK SHADOWS but in 1972, Curtis unleashed a vampire onto the streets of Las Vegas and introduced the world to one of horror’s unsung heroes… Carl Kolchak. Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey (CITY OF THE DEAD) and written by the legendary Richard Matheson (I AM LEGEND, THE TWILIGHT ZONE), THE NIGHT STALKER would turn out to be a huge and unexpected success.

When bodies drained of blood start littering the streets of Vegas, intrepid news reporter Carl Kolchak (played by the great Darren McGavin, A CHRISTMAS STORY) jumps on the case. It’s not long before Kolchak comes to the conclusion that a vampire is responsible for the grisly slayings. Naturally this doesn’t go over well with his editor (Simon Oakland) and the local police, who view Kolchak as not much more than an irritant and seem to completely ignore his vampire theory. Never one to be deterred, Kolchak assumes the mantle of an amateur vampire hunter and goes after the creature of the night. What follows is a lean, mean TV movie that would spawn a sequel, a TV series and would inspire many of today’s leading horror filmmakers.

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