Cult Epics set to unspool the Tinto Brass smut bonanza PAPRIKA

Russ Meyer was a breast man, whereas prolific soft-core auteur Tinto Brass was always more of a tush guy, as evidenced by the latest film of his to receive digital treatment, Paprika. This one is a keeper, and will be bought by this guy on February 9th.

A young country girl (voluptuous Deborah Caprioglio) comes to town and takes a job in a brothel in order to help her fiancée get the money to start his own business. In her new found work of pleasure, the innocent girl’s life slowly turns into sleaze and degradation and she becomes a professional prostitute, named “Paprika” a nick-name given to her by the madam of the establishment. Tinto Brass’ personal and faithful adaptation of John Cleland’ ‘Fanny Hill’, is a sexy comedy from the 90s, at the height of his erotic career. Cult Epics presents the US premiere of PAPRIKA in a new High-definition transfer, Uncut and Uncensored version for the first time on Blu-ray & DVD with a newly produced “Featurette” among other bonus features.


Source: Cult Epics