DELIRIUM #18 Preview: Violent Viggo

A sample feature from the latest issue of DELIRIUM magazine DELIRIUM #18 is now shipping to fans and subscribers and we’re giving you a taste of the Cronenberg-centric goods inside. Here’s a piece discussing a pair of David Cronenberg’s non-horror/sci-fi shockers, both starring DC’s modern-day muse Viggo Mortensen: A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and EASTERN PROMISES. […]

NIGHTMARE CINEMA Locks Distribution Via Shudder and Cranked Up Films

Masters of horror team for acclaimed omnibus feature Cranked Up Films, Good Deed Entertainment’s recently launched genre label, announced today from AFM that, in partnership with Shudder, AMC Network’s genre streaming platform, they have acquired North American distribution rights to Cinelou Films’ NIGHTMARE CINEMA. The film is a horror anthology comprised of five shorts and […]

Bloody Ballet Dances to VOD Next Week

Indie Horror Film is Inspired by Argento and Fulci With the recent release of the remake of Dario Argento’s SUSPIRIA, it’s interesting to note the impending release of a similarly abstract indie horror drama, one that exploits the grueling world of dancing as its anchor in a world filled with supernatural shock. That film is […]

Contest: Win a Full Moon Art Collection Book!

New Book Collects Three Decades of Film Poster Art Full Moon just announced the release of FULL MOON FEATURES: THE ART COLLECTION, an 84 page, 12×9 coffee table tome that collects a library of arresting promotional artwork culled from dozens of our legendary franchise horror films. Inside this incredible book you’ll find lush and lively […]

Consuming the Wolf: Reflections on HALLOWEEN (2018)

Slasher Sequel Might be a Fairy Tale in Disguise By Nigel Parkin Many things about David Gordon Green’s new ‘telling’ of HALLOWEEN made me want to cheer but perhaps the most powerful of these was the way it highlights and resolves the potent elements of fairy tale that have been breathing deeply in the shadows […]

Blu-ray Review: MANDY

Acclaimed hallucinatory horror drama is now on Blu-ray There’s a primal, animal power that propels director Panos Cosmatos’s acclaimed experimental horror head-trip MANDY. A kind of danger pulsing beneath its arcane imagery, bubbling-forth from its moaning electronic music and arch, hissing dialogue. The film just feels alien. It feels evil.  It courses with a sort […]


The legendary mutant sheep cult film is out now from AGFA and Something Weird Video It’s not easy reviewing a film as singularly fucking insane as Fredric C. Hobbs’ jaw-dropping 1973 freak-out GODMONSTER OF INDIAN FLATS.  So much has been written and spoken about the picture, mostly by people saddling it with the dreaded “so […]

Blu-ray Review: BERSERK and STRAIT-JACKET Psycho Biddy Double Feature

A Pair of Joan Crawford Shockers Come to Blu-ray Anyone who saw the recent FX series FEUD, knows the story of Hollywood legends and career-long “frenemies” Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. That remarkable and wildly entertaining show saw Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange as Davis and Crawford, respectively, who lay down their never-ending professional rivalries […]


  Wild Eurotrash flick comes to DVD remastered and uncut from Full Moon Full Moon has released the cover art for their new DVD release of Erwin C. Dietrich’s obscure 70’s exploitation gem SWEDISH BOARDING SCHOOL GIRLS! Here’s the synopsis: From the leering, lusty and lascivious mind of Swiss sex film Sultan Erwin C. Dietrich […]


Serial killer drama coming this November from IFC Midnight Films charting small-town serial killers and their effect on the population are omnipresent in cinema, literature and television and yet Duncan Skiles’ directorial debut THE CLOVEHITCH KILLER is just a dash different. And it’s that kink in convention that makes it such a shocking and hypnotic […]