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Coming soon! DELIRIUM is prepping a splashy new issue – our 36th, to be exact – celebrating director Mary Lambert’s macabre, bizarre and hideously undervalued 1982 sorta-sequel PET SEMATARY 2 (or PET SEMATARY TWO as its stylized in its marketing!). Get ready for new interviews with Lambert, actor Clancy Brown and more. And feast on this FABULOUS cover art by the great Suspirialand! Subscribe today and start your journey into DELIRIUM with this very issue! And buy the stand alone #36 by clicking HERE!



DELIRIUM celebrates the legacy of Michael Winner’s savagely satanic 1977 horror masterpiece THE SENTINEL with a massive new cover story interview with the man who started it all, author Jeffrey Konvitz! Journalist Don Kaye goes deep with Konvitz to discuss his bestselling novel and the weird roads that led to the director of DEATH WISH taking over the cinematic reigns, as well as all the controversy the film courted. We also celebrate the legacy of Winner himself, certainly one of the most misunderstood and eccentric British filmmakers of all time. Elsewhere, we revisit Roger Corman’s hallucinatory Gothic chiller THE TERROR, hang out on stage with Rob Zombie, analyze the late Charles Laughton’s turn as THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, remember legendary horror host Zacherly and so much more!

NOW ON SALE! DELIRIUM #34 digs deep into DEMONS 2!

DELIRIUM #34 is here and ready to rip you to shreds! This round, we celebrate director Lamberto Bava and producer Dario Argento’s gonzo 1986 gorefest DEMONS 2, the riotous follow-up to the duo’s landmark Italian horror masterpiece DEMONS! Inside, you’ll find EXCLUSIVE new interviews with Bava, star Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni and composer Simon Boswell as well as tons of freaky photos, a few of which you may have NEVER seen before. Chasing our coverage of this creepy Eurohorror sequel, we have new chats with Florida-based auteur William Grefe about his eerie William Shatner shocker IMPULSE, words with actor John Amplas about the George Romero vampire classic MARTIN, one-on-one with Canadian filmmaker Karen Lam plus all manner of sexy, sanguinary awesomeness!

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DELIRIUM #31: A Tribute to Sylvia Kristel – NOW ON SALE!

For our 31st elegant issue, DELIRIUM celebrates the life of European erotica superstar Sylvia Kristel with an exclusive book excerpt detailing the making of Kristel’s signature film, 1974’s haunting softcore classic EMMANUELLE, complete with hot, uncensored photos and a STUNNING painted cover by artist Suspiria Vilchez!

Elsewhere we revisit two underrated horror masterpieces – Michael Winner’s 1977 shocker THE SENTINEL and Michael Mann’s 1983 chiller THE KEEP. We also talk to MY BLOODY VALENTINE director George Mihalka about his obscure Canadian creeper THE BLUE MAN (aka ETERNAL EVIL), revisit BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and much, much more! 

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DELIRIUM #26 Now Available!

DELIRIUM #26 is now on sale and for this round, we’re shining a spotlight on one of cult cinema’s greatest composers, an artist who has added aural dimensions to such celebrated shockers as Joe Dante’s PIRANHA and THE HOWLING, Brian DePalma’s CARRIE and DRESSED TO KILL and of course, the Full Moon/Empire Pictures classics like TOURIST TRAP and CRAWLSPACE. Naturally, we’re speaking of the great Pino Donaggio, the Italian master of music who rarely does interviews sits down with us for a career interview that began with Nicolas Roeg’s 1973 horror drama DON’T LOOK NOW and still continues to this day.

Elsewhere in this awesome issue, we spend time with British composer Simon Boswell as he flashes back on his score for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s immortal mystical horror film SANTA SANGRE, chat with iconic industrial musician cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy) about his new album and roll out an analysis of the notorious 1978 TV movie classic KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK. And speaking of TV, we have a HUGE new interview with author and historian Amanda Reyes, editor of the TV movie book ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE? revealing her obsession with the golden age of made for television cinema as well as isolating some of the finest examples of the format.

We also have Joe Dante chiming in on working with Donaggio as well as Italian director Luigi Cozzi, who worked with Pino on his HERCULES movies and who also riffs on his mythical Italian re-edit of GODZILLA and more. We then go deep reflecting on the legacy of Cozzi’s insane 1980 ALIEN riff CONTAMINATION. And then we stick to outer space with a MASSIVE new interview with actor-turned-director Richard Benjamin obscure 1988 Kim Basinger comedy MY STEPMOTHER IS AN ALIEN.

All this and so much more awaits you in the pages of DELIRIUM #26, on sale NOW only at!



Full Moon Starts Production on MISKATONIC U: THE RESONATOR

Full Moon launches 2021 slate with new Lovecraft film

While the pandemic rages, effectively putting the larger scale, internationally mounted DEADLY TEN film slate on pause, Full Moon will be launching an ambitious slate of smaller pictures to be released in 2021, starting with MISKATONIC U: THE RESONATOR, a new horror film inspired by both the works of legendary fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft and beloved genre director Stuart Gordon.

MISKATONIC U: THE RESONATOR  tells the tale of Crawford Tillinghast, who builds a machine known as the Resonator. The machine allows one to experience multiple dimensions while navigating the unsavory beasts that dwell within them. But things get complicated when Tillinghast realizes that the prototype of his creation has not only released murderous and deadly creatures into his world, but also has affected his own reality.”

William Butler (MADHOUSE, DEMONIC TOYS 2) will direct. Charles Band will produce.

The film will go into production in Los Angeles in early December. It will feature plenty of the sort of gooey practical special make-up effects that served as the hallmark of Band and Gordon’s collaborations and will sport cameos and performances from many of the original cast members that have long been associated with Gordon and the films from Band’s Empire Pictures universe.

“After working side by side with Stuart on From Beyond and many other subsequent genre productions, it is a complete honor and privilege to be able to bring to life a project that is inspired by his brilliant mind and passion for the work of H.P. Lovecraft,” said Band. “We’re very excited to be embarking on this ambitious and reverent entertainment.”

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DELIRIUM #24 Now On Sale!

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DELIRIUM dives deep into the Halloween season with a massive new cover story interview with that inimitable Sultan of Smut John Waters in a celebration of his sick and satirical shock comedy CECIL B. DEMENTED! Water’s deranged anti-Hollywood horrorshow turns 20 this year and, considering it’s one of Waters’ personal favorite pictures, the iconic director sits down with editor Chris Alexander to delve deep into is lurid legacy, while spiraling off into all manner of salacious sidebars and twisted tangents. It’s the ultimate Waters interview and you won’t want to miss it!

Elsewhere in this jam-packed 24th issue, we have new interviews with legendary occult metal band BLUE OYSTER CULT, a chat with HALLOWEEN star and noted director Nick Castle about his underrated 80s action classic TAG: THE ASSASSINATION GAME, new words with SAW series helmer Darren Lynn Bousman, cult filmmaker Harry Kumel revealing secrets about the 4K restoration of his 1971 masterpiece DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, words on the new Shudder series CURSED FILMS, the brilliant Italian zombie shocker THE LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE, Arlene Sidaris riffing on Andy Sidaris’s wacky boobs ‘n’ bullets thriller GUNS and so much more!

DELIRIUM #24 is ON SALE NOW and as a special offer – for a limited time – we’re giving away a FREE $10 gift code to every customer who purchases the magazine! The code is good towards the purchases of ANY item at the online store.

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Spanish Chiller ORGY OF THE LIVING DEAD Coming to Blu-ray

Full Moon’s release of classic Paul Naschy film will be uncut and in HD for the first time

Full Moon is excited to announce the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of one of the greatest European Gothic horror films of the 1970s: Director Jose Luis Merino’s eerie and erotic masterwork ORGY OF THE LIVING DEAD!

Also released as THE HANGING WOMAN, BEYOND THE LIVING DEAD and RETURN OF THE ZOMBIES (under which name Full Moon’s iconic Wizard Video VHS label put it out under in the early 1980s), Merino’s terrifying chiller is filled with atmosphere, dread, nudity, gore and zombies galore and also features memorable appearances by FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR’s Aurora de Alba and SPASMO’s Maria Pia Conte. Full Moon is thrilled to be presenting ORGY OF THE LIVING DEAD fully uncut on Blu-ray and DVD for the first time in America, remastered from the original 35mm negative.

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Cover Reveal: DELIRIUM Magazine #23

DELIRIUM magazine returns with a tribute to the late, great Al Adamson!

DELIRIUM Magazine #23 is an affectionate salute to one of the most discussed exploitation movie architects of all time, the late, great Al Adamson!

To time with the release of Severin Films’ juggernaut Blu-ray box set featuring over 30 of Al’s bizarre works, this beautifully illustrated issue features exclusive interviews with Adamson’s producing partner Sam Sherman and director David Gregory, whose latest documentary BLOOD & FLESH: THE REEL LIFE & GHASTLY DEATH OF AL ADAMSON digs deep into Al’s oeuvre and examines the horrific, true crime tragedy of his senseless and gruesome murder. Further into our Adamson examination, we have film historian Howard S. Berger’s exhilarating analysis of Al and Sam’s signature opus: 1971’s berserk, stitched together monster mash DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN, a so-called “bad movie” that is really a kind of secret, subversive psychedelic masterpiece.

Bouncing off that gonzo Gothic picture’s legacy, we jump back into the world of Hammer Horror, with an appreciation of 1974’s Hong Kong co-production THE LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES and then sit down for an EXCLUSIVE new interview with British horror legend Judy Matheson, who co-starred in the double-shot “Karnstein” Hammer shockers LUST FOR A VAMPIRE and TWINS OF EVIL! Padding out this extraordinary issue is a unique interview with HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II director Bruce Pittman where we discuss NOT his filmography but rather his sideline as a photographer, snapping shots of legends like Robert Mitchum and Ann-Margret. Buffalo-based horror hero Greg Lamberson dissects his new creeper WIDOW’S POINT, multi-hyphenate artist Dante Tomaselli riffs on his unique body of work and managing editor Michael Gingold traps actor William Sanderson for a flashback interview on the notorious revenge thriller FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE.

DELIRIUM #23 is a MUST for lovers of the bizarre, monstrous, bloody, beautiful and bizarre! ON SALE NEXT WEEK at!

CORONA ZOMBIES Warning Trailers are a Pandemic Panic!

Full Moon’s controversial comedy quickie aims to make you laugh

Full Moon has always preached the philosophy of fun to deal with the heavy world we live in and we have answered the current depressing global freak-out with our own goofy, gory, silly, satirical and irreverent riff on whats happening now with CORONA ZOMBIES, a ludicrous vision of a global pandemic spiraling out of control, one that causes its victims to become cannibalistic, creepy and contagious Corona Zombies!

They’re invading Poland! (READ HERE)

They’re running rampant in France! (READ HERE)

They’ve taken over Italy! (READ HERE)

They’re devouring Spain! (READ HERE)

And they’ve made the cover of the biggest newspaper in Mexico! (READ HERE) CORONA ZOMBIES will premiere exclusively on the Full Moon Features channel and app on April 10th, 2020. Finally! Something GOOD to look forward to on Good Friday!

Now check out the crazy new trailers below!