Blu-ray Review: BLUE MOVIE


Controversial Dutch sex comedy comes to Blu-ray from Cult Epics

Blending edgy MIDNIGHT COWBOY arthouse neorealism with cheeky softcore pornography, director Wim Verstappen’s controversial and long unseen 1971 Dutch sex comedy BLUE MOVIE has finally spurted its way to Blu-ray courtesy of Eurotrash heroes Cult Epics and it’s cause for a kind of celebration. Because the movie (produced by the notorious Pim de la Parra) is a vital piece of the Dutch film industry’s evolution. It’s also tons of dirty, breezy fun and a fascinating time capsule of its time and place.

The lanky, Hugh Metsers plays Michael, an amiable lad just out of prison for shagging an underage girl who suddenly finds himself appendage deep in the early days of the swingin’ 70s. With the help from his ever-stressed and oddly paternal parole office, Michael is set up in a modern apartment complex and urged to both find a job and a nice single lady to settle down with. Alone and horny, Michael catches the eye of a slew of sexy housewives and soon, he’s moving from suite to suite, “borrowing sugar” and getting his rocks off with a bevy of liberated ladies. Before he knows it, this Dutch Don Juan become a kind of sexual guru, setting up a series of orgies and milking his new found freedom for all its worth.

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Joseph H. Lewis’ taught noir finally makes it to Blu-ray

The joy of loving cinema – and I’m not talking about devouring whatever the latest juggernaut product is being fed to us every Friday night at the multiplex or cheapie lazily streaming on Netflx – is that no matter how much we know or see, there are ALWAYS hundreds upon hundreds of pictures hiding, waiting to be discovered. And if you’re a fan of the unofficial subgenre French film critics dubbed “film noir”, there are so many of them out there, from poverty-row potboilers, to major studio “B” movies. And thank God for boutique labels like Arrow Video for taking the time and effort to dig up many of these mini-masterpieces and give them the affection and attention they deserve.

Among Arrow’s latest offerings is director Joseph H. Lewis’s MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS, a lulu of a thriller that served as the basis of the almost equally obscure 1987 mystery DEAD OF WINTER. That unofficial remake is certainly a fine distraction, with a cast that includes the great Roddy McDowall and Mary Steenburgen, but it can’t hold a candle to Lewis’ original. This is prime nastiness, with a damsel in deep distress, reptilian, money-crazed villains of every age and gender and suspense so thick you can cut it in half.

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Looking back at the scrappy and silly 1985 teen action drama

Those of us who lived and came of age in the 1980s no doubt find it amusing that the decade’s film, music and fashion have become objects for contemporary pop culture fetishists. But that’s how this train rolls. The common zeitgeist almost always becomes exotic, exciting, important.

Still, who knew that director Matthew (DRAGONSLAYER, writer of CRIMSON PEAK) Robbins’ earnest 1985 teen drama/crime caper THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN would emerge as a classic. Certainly not the critics of the period who dismissed its heavy-handed metaphors and cartoonish social statements as kid stuff and fluff, nor the young people it was targeted towards, who mostly ignored it theatrically and got tired of its presence on home video and cable very quickly. And while time hasn’t healed the picture’s ample flaws, there’s an undeniable energy to the piece, with broadly drawn performances by a doozy of a cast and of course, there’s that thundering Pat Benatar song (“Invincible”) that weaves its way into the soundtrack of the film itself. Re-released by Mill Creek Entertainment as part of their retro VHS line of Blu-ray’s as the “Fair is Fair” edition, the movie is definitely worth a watch (or re-watch) and is anything but boring.

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Severin releases one of the wildest “bad movies” of all time on Blu-ray

Those who – like me – have cited Ed Adlum’s SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED as the worst indie American horror movie of the 1970s, obviously never saw his 1972 go-for-broke earlier craptastic creeper INVASION OF THE BLOOD FARMERS. I’d missed it, though had certainly heard many scream its perverse praises for years and now, thanks to Severin Films, we have a new remastered Blu-ray release packed (as the label always does) with wild special features so that hardcore fans and newly minted audience members (like me) can lock their bloodshot glazballs upon it. Naturally, one has to have a healthy streak of masochism in order to fully appreciate the film’s downmarket charms but those bold enough to endure its 77 torturous minutes will be – for better or worse – transformed for life.

Filmed in woodsy upstate New York by Adlum and his co-conspirators, Roberta and Michael Findlay (SNUFF and the aforementioned SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED), INVASION OF THE BLOOD FARMERS was actually partially shot by future ERASERHEAD DP Frederick Elmes. And while there’s little trace of the future David Lynch collaborator’s singular visual style, the picture absolutely feels like it exists in ERASERHEAD’s bent universe. Nothing in this film makes much sense, either visually, aurally or narratively, with cross-eye-level framing, slipshod special effects and “acting” that is alternately listless and ludicrous. In it, a dopey bush-league student and a effeminate mad scientist stumble upon some sort of bubbly blood that they think is very important because it fills up their beakers magically. Said voodoo gore was drawn from the wounds of a local loser named Jim Carrey (ha!) who bled out all over the local bar. Poor old Jim had escaped the clutches of the titular Blood Farmers, a gang of hayseed Druids lorded over by a  poncy cult leader who needs the blood of the innocent to revive his Queen, who lies comatose in a pretty nifty glass coffin. After his daughter’s dog is killed and eaten by one of the giggling Druid henchmen (a riotous scene where a fluffy canine is replaced by literal fluff), the scientist and his youthful protege find a rusty old key and set-off to solve the problem of the super-blood and unlock the mysteries of the Blood Farmers.

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NEKROMANTIK 2 Coming to Limited Edition VHS!

Cult Epics release Jorg Buttgereit’s Gruesome Horror Comedy on VHS for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, necrophiliacs can rejoice as Cult Epics has just announced the upcoming return of the loving dead – with the official VHS release of Jörg Buttgereit’s NEKROMANTIK 2. Produced in three exclusive variants (some signed), and featuring ghoulish new artwork by Martin Trafford and cover design by Parker Richardson, these numbered editions are strictly limited (with very low numbers), be quick as our previous VHS of NEKROMANTIK was a sell-out last year. Also unleashed is a delightfully gory antique enamel pin based on NEKROMANTIK 2’s original poster art – the perfect gift for your loved one at any time of year (alive or otherwise!).

You have an exclusive window to order the special edition here!

In case you haven’t seen this wild and sick sequel, NEKROMANTIK 2 tells the tale of a beautiful necrophiliac, who works by day as a nurse and prowls by night in cemeteries searching for fresh corpses, finds the grave of Nekromantik’s Rob––and brings him home. When her real-life relationship begins to falter, she has to make a final choice between the living and the dead, with gruesome consequences.

Dig in!

Blu-ray Review: JACK THE RIPPER (1959)

Severin restores and releases both cuts of this undervalued shocker

The mystery of the Victorian-era serial killer dubbed “Jack the Ripper” has endured the ages, with countless fictionalized novels and films riffing onthe  sordid story of the fiend who once slashed his way through the flesh of London’s ladies of the night. The fact that “Saucy Jack” himself was never caught has only fueled the fantastical, with conspiracies ladled upon conspiracies as to who or what the murderer might have been, most potently in Alan Moore’s FROM HELL graphic novel and the freely adapted (and absolutely undervalued) Hughes Brothers feature film. But one of the more obscure remounts of the Jack the Ripper crimes can be found in Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman’s crackerjack 1959 chiller, simply called JACK THE RIPPER. Working from a script by Hammer Horror vet Jimmy Sangster, the film is a low budget but deft little murder mystery that sends ample chills up the spine, especially in its original UK theatrical cut, the likes of which is represented here – alongside the more sensational American re-edit – on Severin’s snazzy new Blu-ray release.

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Cover Reveal: DELIRIUM #19


Dario Argento graces the cover of DELIRIUM Magazine’s 19th lurid issue

Coming next month, DELIRIUM Magazine slips on our black leather gloves and flips on the color gels for our 19th lurid issue, featuring a brand new interview with the undisputed master of Italian horror, director Dario Argento! The dark, fevered mind that brought you such classics as DEEP RED (PROFONDO ROSSO), SUSPIRIA, INFERNO, TENEBRE, PHENOMENA and MOTHER OF TEARS gets the full-throttle DELIRIUM treatment in this marvelous mag, featuring a lush cover by photographer Ama Lea and designer Ryan Brookhart. The photo features Argento as he is today, saturated in the same reds and greens and violets that stain his signature works like SUSPIRIA and INFERNO and surrounded by imagery from many of his most talked about movies. And the interview inside – by our Italian correspondent Roberto D’Onofrio – is a marvel, with Dario discussing his storied past and upcoming projects.

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Blue Underground’s “Butcher’s Dozen” coming from Full Moon!

12 iconic cult and horror classics coming to Full Moon’s streaming channels starting this month

Director and producer William (MANIAC, MANIAC COP) Lustig’s venerable home video distribution imprint Blue Underground has been lovingly restoring and re-releasing dozens upon dozens of iconic and obscure international cult, science fiction, horror and dark fantasy films for almost two decades. Movies like Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE (recently released by Blue Underground in a delirious 4K transfer), Sergio Corbucci’s DJANGO, Jess Franco’s VENUS IN FURS and so many more, have put BU on the macabre map as one of the most respected and acclaimed labels in genre film history.

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Blu-ray Review: Brian De Palma’s OBSESSION

One of Brian De Palma’s most underrated films is out now from Scream Factory

Maverick director Brian De Palma’s own obsession with Alfred Hitchcock is the farthest thing from a secret. In almost every one of De Palma’s films, the Master of Suspense is referenced and fetishized, from the basic PSYCHO meets REAR WINDOW structure of SISTERS, in which the male – as opposed to the female – lead is murdered graphically in the first reel and is witnessed by a nosy neighbor, to PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, where the PSYCHO shower scene is riffed -on, replacing a toilet-plunger with a knife, to CARRIE’s slow-burning, operatically suspenseful bucket-mount finale to DRESSED TO KILL, which amalgamates almost ALL of Hitchcock’s signature set-pieces into one over-sexed, kinky souffle.

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Contest: Win a HALLOWEEN Blu-ray Combo Pack!

Happy New Year from DELIRIUM Magazine! In honor of this fresh, frightful 2019, we’re offering our readers the chance to win a Blu-ray Combo Pack edition of David Gordon Green’s HALLOWEEN, the acclaimed direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 landmark of stylish stalk and slash, courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment!

HALLOWEEN is out now on Digital and Digital movie app MOVIES EVERYWHERE and hits 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD and On Demand on January 15, 2019. Hailed by critics as“a near perfect blend of craft, character growth and nostalgia” (Perri Nemiroff, Collider), HALLOWEEN takes place four decades after Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) narrowly escaped the masked Michael Myers’brutal killing spree. Packed with bonus features including chilling deleted and extended scenes as well as special featurettes showing behind-the-scenes looks at creating the film, Halloween delivers spine-chilling, hair-raising intensity and thrills to both new and repeat viewers.

To win your copy of HALLOWEEN, email with the words “THE SHAPE” in the subject line and your mailing address in the body of the email. Winners will be chosen at random. Good luck!